This application is a resource for anyone choosing to travel in the backcountry displaying accurate weather and avalanche data based on the location of your choosing. We retrieve our accurate data from the North West Avalanche Center (NWAC).



  1. Press the "Get Started" button above or select the "Snowflake" from the menu at the bottom.
  2. Next, you will select the region you want to display. Once the location is chosen you will see current weather/avalanche information directly from "NWAC". It's that easy!!!!
  3. To leave your review or user feedback, click on the "Comments" icon on the bottom right.
  4. Fill in your information on the form (please don't leave any sensitive information!). Your review will populate with other reviews randomly on the home page.
  5. Click "Submit" to submit your review/feedback.

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We all came together to work on this application based on Alicia and Amber's idea and desire to display accurate data from the Northwest Avalanche Center, also known as "NWAC". We are using the NWAC API in our application to give users an easy to read, abridged summary of avalanche conditions at the most popular mountain areas around the Seattle area. We really enjoyed working together to make this application possible, and hope that it will be used to keep skiers/hikers safe when you travel into the mountains for some snowy fun.


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  • Likes to research drive-in movie theaters.
  • Looking for the perfect fun coding project.
  • Walking.


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  • I love working with others who strive to make the lives of people around them better.
  • Hobbies: Reading books, rock climbing and hiking.
  • Favorite Dessert: I'm a chocolate ice cream kind of gal!


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  • I live on a 65' retired salmon fishing boat on South Lake Union.
  • Circumnavigated the the world in 19 days while in the US Navy.
  • I enjoy camping and hiking with my family.


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  • I love whitewater kayaking!
  • I have a dream to work as a software engineer while sailing to Chile.
  • My Why: The challenge is almost always worth it. Don't ever let the fear of not succeeding stop you from growing, evolving, and progressing. #shegoes